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Ammo Crates and Ammo Storage Boxes - Proudly manufactured in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. a website from North Rustic Designs.

Ammo Crates are a great place to store your ammunition, but they also are used for many other uses. Unlike metal ammunition crates all of our crates are made from hand selected pine or pure western cedar. Then we hand sand each one to perfection. You have the following option for your crate 

  • Sanded not Stained
  • 13 Color Options
  • traditional accessories (hinge, latch, chain to hold lid up when opened)
  • airtight lid (no hardware, lid fits like a cork)
  • metal handles 
  • rope handles
  • all crates made with 3/4 inch pure pine
  • dual construction
  • hand sanded
  • all ammo crates have top trim boards and feet on each bottom end (these boards are not used in exterior box dimensions)
All of our Ammo Boxes come with 100% Brass Accessories and options for handles. We carry 13 Standard sizes available for purchase on our website. You can also go to our Build an Ammo Box Workshop if you would like to design your own size or would like one made of pure 3/4 inch Western Red Cedar. 

 The many uses of an Ammo Box

  • ammunition storage
  • gun cleaning supplies
  • hunting equipment
  • cabin storage
  • wood storage container
  • military foot locker
  • keepsakes

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What do our Clients have to say about our Ammo Crates? 

 Hi Josh,

The crates arrived in perfect condition, and we love them so much, we just ordered two more of the same. 

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